Coffee adventures 

Degraves street, Melbourne, VIC 

The quarter – Q 

Simple design. White theme. Great coffee at reasonably or amazingly price. 

Degraves street, Melbourne,VIC 

Cafe Andiamo 

Great breakfie and interior design of cafe. Quick service and reasonable price of coffee. 

Brother bubba budan ; Melbourne, VIC 

This coffee shop has interesting design of cafe structure. A little bit costly of coffee but definitely one of the best coffees I have had. Many people dropping by just a cup of coffee. A little hard to find this place but Yelp does the job for you. Simple and classy design. Vintage interior cafe design. 



The sweetest coffee code 

People say love is addictive. People say coffee is addictive too. People say love is amazing. People say first coffee before anything. I’d say it’s only perfect if love and coffee can go together.  


“I’ll bring you to the best coffee. ” says Jason 

 The best thing ever I’ve heard from and about coffee.  

#muffinbreak is a good cafe where you can find amazingly good looking and tasty muffin.  If you are looking for a good muffin, this is the place. Coffee was not too bad but it’s on special offer with Christmas decorative coffee takeaway cup! 


#beastandbread has the best atmosphere for a meet up for a coffee. The environment and design of the coffee shop is amazingly lovely and their staff are friendly. The cup is cool and coffee was great. 


Sometimes I doubt of myself in making right decision of every path that I’m about step on. Sometimes I think if I would not have done this, I might have been better. It’s true that coming to Australia is my own decision, not threats but wants. Everyone’s been asking me the reason of coming here and they do not understand why I made this decision. I’m a person who keeps looking for a better and better things, hardly pleased by my own or whoever; always want more and better to come. It was bold enough to take the challenge to come alone studying in Australia when I knew nothing about Australia. I had no idea how but I’m here and it’s been a year and half. Everyone thinks that studying at oversea is enjoying a better life but I would say it is even harder than you ever thought.

Imagine you had no money support for your daily expenses while you have to study and earn money to pay for your meals and rent. Why would you pay so much money to come oversea and work like hell just to pay rent and pay every shit of your own? Why don’t you just go back and be at home and earn easy money? This is the longest time I’ve been away from my home. Home sick is unavoidable. Working like a dog, paying all your salary to rent, your meals and ended up with no money you can save. It is as if a decision that makes yourself suffer and life torturing. How could this decision ever be possible to be the right path for me? I’m scared. I’m scared that I made the wrong decision and I will end up having nothing but being old.



Time flies 

November, please be good to me.  Spending my time coloring on the grass alone is one of the best feeling you will never get to experience in Malaysia. You can’t say no to this amazing view. 



Whenever I miss home, this is where one place I feel I’m closer to home because that was the happiest memory in my childhood where my dad and sibling spending the weekends morning playing around at the garden. I really do miss home, my sister, my brothers, my relatives and my parent. Please do not worry about me because I’m living just good. Just wanna let you know that no matter how busy you think I am, forgetting about you but the truth is I never ever forget. This is the first time I’m being away from home this long. Please do not be sad if you’re seeing this because you’re always in my heart no matter how far I’ll be. Just because I’m away this far, I know better that how much I love all of you. Just because I’m away, I know that how lucky I’ve always been by having all of you. I love ya’ll. Nothing I can be more grateful of but this.


I think every relationship is the same. No matter how sweet you are now with the other half, when time passes, it’s still going to be same. Dull and boring. But whether one cares or not, it still depends on the person itself because you can get bored with something or someone but you will never get to live without. This is called used to it. It changes the feeling being in relationship when it gets longer but it can be deeper and warmer like how you have a best friend that you wouldn’t have all your time for her but still you know how much you love her because you believe. You believe you and her are strong in both of your relationship even if don’t meet up you still know clearly that you will be here for her. Same goes to boyfriend and girlfriend, that’s why some times not meeting often is a good thing. I used to think that how important your bf is to you because it’s gonna be your future husband. But always we tend to forget that in this world, beside husband, what’s else makes more important? It’s family and friends because if you make it with your bf for the rest of your life, you totally neglect the friends whom you love, the moments where you can have laughters and be crazy with. When you get older, busier, how much time do you think you will have for this ever again? Even you have, your friends do not have. So friends are your part of growing, by the time you get old. All you can think of, these memories play of big role in your mind. Most importantly, your family. How many of us remember that they were there our childhood, who watching us growing, falling, but we never ever do that to them. How much they wish to have this time from us to do the same to them while they are still here? As much as how you wanna spend your life with your loved boyfriend. Now, you know what’s more to be happy when you can do what you can before it’s too late. 



Sometimes you have to tell yourself not to spend when you knew earning money isn’t easy but in a short while the feeling strikes and you just can’t control yourself from shopping. Struggling in between should I and should I not. Common world’s problem for girls.